Short answer: No

The lines are made of a high strength Dyneema line, which has a breaking load of 780kg (!). We splice a pigtail to each end. See a simplified version of the eye splice here. The actual stitching is far more complex, but it makes the loop much stronger. 

Since we have two splices on the lines, at the point where they ends meet, the line is not spliced for a few millimeters.

UV radiation, salt and sand are exposed to the lines with every use. Over time, the special coating that protects the lines is reduced. It is the coating that stiffens the lines, a positive side effect. After much use, the Dyneema lines soften. This is natural line wear and will continue to provide safe use.

As you can see below on the attachment,  we put a small piece of sewn spinnaker tape over this place, so that the splice ends can no longer come out. There is no good reason to swap the "pigtails front" on the kite or the "connectors" at the bar.

Of course, the case is different if the leash is really damaged and has a cut. Then, please replace the line as soon as possible.