You can follow these simple steps to replace the depower rope:

  • lay out the bar completely (just for not mixing the lines up)
  • take a picture of the setup with your smartphone
  • get a small pair of pliers, then get the line out the white ball (at the quick release)
  • open the eight knot at the end and get the line out of the quickrelease
  • remove it completely from the setup
  • if you have the "grip bullet" closed with a cap, remove it with a small knife, else pull out the line from the bullet
  • open the eight knot at the end
  • get a black marker pen and place a small black dot where the eight knot was
  • now get the replacement line and put it beside the old line, the black dot towards your body
  • make sure the position of the sailing tape matches on both lines (that is the marker for the position of the adjuster clamp)
  •  then just put the line in again
  • check and match with the setup picture you took before you got the line out

Short hint if the line is hard to get through the quickrelease pipe: get 20cm of simple packing tape (these which are 4cm broad) and put it on the floor. Put the depower rope inside the tape, but only 10cm, then roll it so you have extended the line by 10cm with this packing tape. Because the tape is a little stiffer than the depower rope it is much more easier to push it through the quick release pipe.