Short answer: Yes

The Core Sensor Bar  is delivered in the default setting over the sail cloth covered line. The clam cleat may be moved closer but no more than 12cm.

To adjust the clam cleat, first pull back the rubber end stopper. Finesse the line through the the cleat, slowly moving the cleat towards you. You should still have to stretch to reach the adjuster when you are kiting.

Important: Once you move your cleat, you must make an adjustment to the back lines under the floaters as you have made a change to the front lines (by changing the clam cleat position). Pull back the floaters and you will see how the back lines connect to the bar. You may be able to use the knots provided.

If you change the cleat position, the back lines must be extended by 1/4 of the changed cleat position. For example, if one sets the cleat 12cm upwards (or further away) then the back lines must be extended 3cm. Moving the cleat 12cm down (closer to you) means you must shorten the back lines 3cm. Always remember, when fully powered (bar pulled in) all the lines should be equal in length. When you are done making your change, secure the chickenloop to a post, pull in the bar and measure your lines.

Warning: Do not move the clam cleat more than +/- 12cm.