It's really important to keep the sailcloth safe and in good condition because any damage can make it weaker. Especially when there's a lot of pressure on the cloth, like during a strong maneuver, it can tear if it's already damaged.

To make the torn part strong again, it's important to stick a rounded patch on both sides of the cloth over any small holes or cuts. Before putting on the patch, make sure to clean the damaged area well with an alcohol pad to get rid of any salt and dirt. Then, stick the patches on both sides. It's a good idea to use self-adhesive repair tape for sailcloth called Exotex, which comes in different colors. Use a patch with rounded corners to make sure the corners don't peel off.

If your wing has bigger damage, it's best to get it repaired by a professional sailmaker. They have the special knowledge and tools to make sure the repair is strong and looks good. At CORE, we offer the service of repairing your damaged wing with our experienced sailmaker. Our sailmaker uses special materials like CoreTex® Triple Ripstop flight cloth and Exotex® Dacron, which are great for wing repairs. We can also give you an estimate of the cost for the repair, but we need to see the damaged wing first to know exactly what needs to be done.