Product maintenance is a vital component in preserving the lifespan of your CORE products.

  • Always ensure that your wings are sufficiently dried before storing them in the bag. If this is not possible at the spot, make sure to do it at a suitable location afterward.
  • After deflating the wing, please remember to remove the deflate chip. The deflate system can relax and does not deform due to thermal changes.
  • Regularly inspect your wings for any defects and small microholes. Small microholes can be easily patched. Neglecting this could result in the fabric tearing completely, requiring the wing to be taken to a sailmaker or, in the worst-case scenario, rendering the wing irreparable.

  • After each session, it is best to rinse the board with fresh water. This prevents salt deposits that can hinder the smooth adjustment of the mast and potentially leave stains on the traction pad.
  • Before each use, please check if there is sufficient anti-corrosion paste on the screws. If you find that the screws are no longer easy to assemble or disassemble, it is likely due to a lack of anti-corrosion paste.
  • Please regularly inspect your board for any damages. If you notice anything, please contact us immediately and refrain from taking the board on the water for the time being. Otherwise, subsequent damages cannot be ruled out.

  • Always inspect your leashes for damages before use. It would be highly frustrating if the leash were to break, resulting in the loss of your equipment in the water.
  • Rinse the leashes regularly with fresh water as well.