What is "phishing"?

Phishing (derived 'Password Fishing') refers to the method of stealing account data and passwords. By means of a forged email, which pretends to come from a trustworthy company, an attempt is made to 

- capture a payment to a new account

- steal confidential data, such as credit card numbers, account information or passwords.

Here is an example of a so-called phishing email:

How do I recognize phishing emails?

1. sender address

A click on the sender address shows the actual sender

2. impersonal address

No personalized address, such as Hello, Dear Sir or Madam or Dear Customer.

3. urgency

Reference to updates for the protection of personal data

4. threat

Request for payment to a new bank account

5. spelling

Grammar/ spelling mistakes

6. links

Redirection to fake websites (spoof site) through which your data is sent to scammers.

How do I protect myself against phishing emails in the future?

Check our website https://status.corekites.com if the suspicious email is maybe already listed.

If not, please forward the suspicious email to fraud@corekites.com. It is important that the subject line remains unchanged and that the email is not sent as an attachment.

After receiving the message, we will check it and get back to you whether it is a phishing email or not.