Short answer: No


The Riot Classic was developed as a 5 line kite. There is no safe way to to connect a 4 line bar to this kite. You do have an option to safely convert your ESP bar to a 5 line bar, though. Click here for the conversion kit. (no longer available)


Click here if you are missing the 5th line / noseline (no longer available)

5th line replacement instructions:

  • Find a safe place where you can lay out your lines fully.
  • Layout all the lines, nice and straight and even.
  • Take a picture of the bar lines to remember the line location and sequence.
  • Loosen the knot to the virtual fifth line, remove the ring and pull out the virtual fifth line from the bar system.
  • Loosen the knots and remove the virtual 5th line from the “Y” attachment where it attaches to the front lines. Discard old 5th line.
  • Replace the old line with the new one but do not loop into the “Y” just yet.
  • Loop the end of the thinner flying lines into the plastic/metal clamp. Then close your clamp. This should trigger your fifth line should your kite invert.
  • Now connect the flight lines to the nose line.
  • The 5th line is a safety system and not a trim or flying line and therefore must remain un-tensioned (with a slight sag) in powered wind conditions.