Absolutely! We even made a quick video on it.

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When you have connected the kite as shown, you may fly it like any other kite.

  • Find a large field free of trees, obstacles and people. It should be large enough to fly freely without damaging any property.
  • Your back should face the wind.

  • Lay your lines downwind.

  • Unroll kite. Connect lines to kite with a Larks Head knot only.

  • Ask your helper to take your kite to the edge of the wind window

  • The kite can be safely launched at this position (edge of wind window)

Hint: Try not to start or fly the kite soon after launch through the wind window (aka power zone) in high winds as you may end up on a youtube video. Launching in the powerzone should only be attempted on light wind days.

Tip when rolling up your kite. Fit the attachment points of the kite lines on one of the outer bridle lines in kite so that the lines can not easily get tangled during transport. Or leave lines attached, wind up the bar lines, roll up the kite and unpack in reverse order.